How to pack a Cooler for CampingIt’s a nice warm sunny day, you’ve decided to take a hiking trip where you will be camping for three days in the evergreen forest of Arizona. You’re armed to the teeth with food, water, and snacks but there one problem…Your cooler is heating up!

Unfortunately, not all coolers are made the same, Fully Insulated thick-walled coolers have better ice retention than other small coolers, which leads to your drinks and food staying cooler for a longer duration. However, not all hope is lost, this infographic would show you how to pack a cooler helping you make the most out of your cooler.

Clean your Cooler

Sanitation and Hygiene are important when it comes to food. Wash your cooler with an antibacterial soap in Luke-warm water. Preparing your cooler to be packed should happen a night before to prep yourself for its big day ahead!

Pre-chill Cooler

Pre-chill the Cooler the night before in a freezer. Always Load food and drinks straight from the fridge, this would keep the cooler at a cool optimum temperature reducing the amount heat transfer due to insulation which would warm up your cooler.

Tightly Pack the Ice

Treat your cooler like a game of Tetris; you want to pack Ice as tight as possible taking the least space. Pack in the reverse order that you would use items – ‘First in would be last out.’ Line the bottom of your cooler with Ice and fill your cooler to the brim. Believe it or not but snow is an excellent insulator.

Drinks & Bottles

Reduce the amount of opening and closing of the cooler by storing Drinks and bottles in a separate cooler. This would heat up the Cooler. If not, keep Drinks & bottles completely submerged in ice closer to the bottom – keeping the drinks as cold as possible.

Meat & Fish

Use a zip lock or airtight container to increase hygiene and avoid events whereby meat or fish juices spill in your cooler; this can contaminate other foods/drinks. Also, this makes cleaning a cooler a lot easier.

Insulate with Foam

Back to science class. Foam is a good insulator, and it works as a great barrier separating meat from vegetables, simply separate your contents with a nice snug foam mat. Depending on the cooler this can increase ice retention time by a full day.

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