In this article we will be going through the importance of how much is a Keg of beer in costs and capacity, does it really save you money in the long term.

If so, how much is a Keg of beer?
There isn’t much use of a Kegerator without knowing the insights and asking the question of how much does a keg cost? It is a known fact that Kegs come in different shapes and sizes, from the large commercial Half barrel Kegs to the small Mini Kegs for your own domestic use.

Types of Kegs

It is a good idea to understand the Keg types and capacities in order to see how much is a keg of beer and how much money we can save.

Corny Kegs – How much is a Keg of beer

How Much is a Keg of Beer – What you need to knowThe Cornelius Keg is also known as the corny keg was originally used in the soft drinks industry but has found its way into the Kegerator market with uses for homebrew

The Cornelius Keg has two main selections being the pin lock corny kegs and the ball lock corny kegs (Coke and Pepsi style). 3 Gallon corny Kegs and five Gallon corny Kegs are available.
The corny keg is suitable for Ice tea, cold coffee, and of course beer, due to its removable lid which is able to be cleaned easily with soap.

The Dimensions of the two main corny Kegs:

Ball Lock Corny Kegs

• Pepsi Style Kegs
Dimensions: 25 H x 8.5 D

Pin Lock Corny Kegs

• Coke / Coca-Cola Style Kegs
Dimensions: 23 H x 9 D

Mini Kegs

How Much is a Keg of Beer – What you need to know

Mini kegs are seen as disposable kegs made from materials such as aluminium they can be recycled the mini-keg has the capacity of 5 litres and is often distributed by retailers
A mini Kegs has a capacity of around 5 litres, which makes it ideal to be used for a small party with the guys, which is equivalent to 10.6 pints of drinks.
The mini keg also goes by the name of baba dickhead is produced by certain retailers which means only specific types of beers can be purchased however more and more labels of different brands of beers are emerging in the mini keg market.

• Coors Light Lager
• Heineken Lager
• Newcastle brown Ale
• Spaten premium Ale

Sixth Barrel

How Much is a Keg of Beer – What you need to know

A sixth barrel is becoming a more commercial and popular keg type to be used as it is not as small as a mini keg and is not as big as a half barrel he has a typical capacity of 5.2 gallons which is around 19.8 L.
Weighing about six or 7 kg when empty and is around 27 kg when it is for the sixth the barrel is typically the same size as the Cornelius kegs. The dimensions of the sixth barrel pig makes it a popular keg type for bars and retailers as they take up a minimal space in terms of weight which makes it a great keg for Dual tap faucets on a keg.

Quarter Barrel

How Much is a Keg of Beer – What you need to know

A quarter barrel beer often means a pony keg can be seen as a cheaper alternative type of cake for events such as a moderately sized party containing capacity of around 29 L,
The quarter barrel is half the size of a standard keg barrel, which is often called a half barrel.
Although being relatively cheap there are some downsides you will have to do all the same regular set up you would have to do with a standard keg a half barrel, you will still need a tap to serve.

It should also be noted that the quarter Keg comes in two main selections:

• Rubber sided barrel Keg

• Bulged out / non-straight wall Keg

Although they have the same capacity, it should be known that when buying quarter barrel keg you should know the version of the keg you want to be supplied with.

Half Barrel (Standard Size)

How Much is a Keg of Beer – What you need to know

A half-barrel oddly enough it is the full-size keg this is the largest keg that is possible. This is what you will think of when you have the ideal keg in mind.
You have probably seen a keg like this at a large event or an outside park and even in frat part movies. It has a capacity of 58.7 L,
The half-barrel keg requires a carbon dioxide dispensing system regulator, otherwise, the beer would go flat in a matter of days.

How much does a keg cost?

So now we know the main keg types, we can now look at how much is a Keg of beer in the aspects of how much does a keg of beer cost, and the capacity (litres) if it is worth the investment.
When buying a Keg, it is best to put things into perspective on how many servings would specific types of kegs hold in order to see of you are going to actually save money by buying a Kegerator, either for personal use or for an event.
We are now going to go into the gritty details of how much a Keg cost and how much it can save you.

How much is a Keg of beer – Let’s do the Maths:

A Half barrel is about 15.5 gallons (58.67 litres) this can have 165 servings of 12-ounce glass or 248 of an 8-ounce glass.
A typical 6-pack costs $5.99 (8 cents/ounce)
A costs 26-pack $19.99 (7 cents / ounce)

A half-barrel equivalent to 1,984 ounces would cost 4 cents per ounce. This would save a grand sum of $78.72 to the equivalent or a 6-pack of beer of the same amount of a half-barrel.

Keg type 12-Ounce (No. Of Servings) Number of 8-Ounce Servings
Sixth barrel “mini” keg (5.16 gallons) 55 82
Quarter barrel/Pony keg (7.75 gallons) 82 124
Half barrel (15.5 gallons) 165 248

How much can I save

So having done the calculations and we can see that having a Kegerator with your own Kegs can save you 4 cents to the ounce compared to that of a 6-pack, this means as a result you can save a estimate of 45=65% of costs depending on the brand you choose.

But this is not the only advantage of having your own Kegerator, but you will be helping the environment.

You’re telling me drinking can help the environment?

Oddly, this is a weird statement, but yes.


Thankfully we are able to recycle 67% of cans, however 32% ends up in landfills, which contribute to environmental eyesore and contribute to eco-system damage of habitats in the area. But by using a keg for example half-barrel which is refillable and recyclable we can cut down the amount of resources being used such as aluminum in the makings of can.
The half-barrel holds a equivalent of 165 cans of beer, lasting up to two months of pure freshness, this will be great for party’s get together and events because the last thing you would want to wake up to is a vast wasteland of crumpled aluminum cans littered all over your yard.

Types of Kegerators

The main types of Kegerators are:

Home Kegerators

Outdoor Kegerators

Commercial Kegerators

Mini Kegerators


So we now know there are 7 main keg types:
• Cornelius keg
• Mini keg
• Beer ball
• One-way kegs
• Quarter barrel (pony keg)
• Sixth barrel

Now we have an idea on how much is a keg of beer, and how much does a keg cost, it is also worth to consider that each keg has their own capacities, advantages and some disadvantages. We now know that a 6-pack worth; of a half-barrel can cost up to 60% more and would end up leaving a litter heap of cans behind. Which makes buying a Keg or a Cooler an ideal product for parties and events.
Thank you for reading this article on How much is a keg of beer, please feel free to leave any comment queries in the comment section below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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